Lifestyle Caravans Loyalty Card

(Herein after referred to as LCLC)

Terms and Conditions

In these terms & Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires:

LCLC means a person who is enrolled in LCLC Program.

LCLC means a card issued by Lifestyle Caravans to a LCLC member, at the LCLC’s request, for use in the Loyalty Program.

LCLC means the scheme called the Lifestyle Caravans Loyalty Card pursuant to which 10% Discount on accessories, excluding Items already on sale, from Lifestyle Caravans.

These Terms & Conditions may be changed, amended or varied at any time by Lifestyle Caravans in its absolute discretion without giving a reason and without notice.

Without prejudice to any other mode of proof, by signature on the LCLC enrolment form, a LCLC member accepts these Terms & Conditions as amended from time to time and agrees to be bound by them. Membership in the LCLC Program is subject to these terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.

Any failure by a LCLC Member to adhere to these Terms & Conditions may result in termination of a LCLC Member’s membership in the LCLC Program.

Membership in the LCLC Program is offered at the discretion of Lifestyle Caravans and Lifestyle Caravans has the right to accept or reject any applications for membership.

Lifestyle Caravans will use its reasonable endeavours to transmit notices and other material relevant to a LCLC Member to advise him or her of various matters of interest including changes to the LCLC Program. Lifestyle Caravans will not be liable for failure to do so.

Lifestyle Caravans will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail or via email. Any notice will be deemed to have been given by Lifestyle Caravans if posted to the mailing address last notified by a LCLC Member to Lifestyle Caravans.

Each LCLC Member is responsible for advising Lifestyle Caravans of any change of address or email address.

Notwithstanding the above, Lifestyle Caravans may inform, advise and notify LCLC Members by any form of communication.

Lifestyle Caravans may terminate the LCLC Program at any time. In the event of the termination of the Loyalty Program, or the Cancellation of a LCLC Member’s card or cancellation of membership in the Loyalty Program, Lifestyle Caravans will notify LCLC members of such termination or cancellation.

Lifestyle Caravans will not be liable for any disruption to the Loyalty Program or any delay to or inability to provide any discount caused by circumstances beyond the control of Lifestyle Caravans, including but not limited to strikes or industrial disputes, acts of God, flood, weather, transport serviceability or unavailability, war or civil disturbance.

A copy of the current LCLC Terms & Conditions can be obtained online at

Only natural persons can apply for a LCLC membership. LCLC memberships cannot be held jointly. Members participation in the Loyalty Program will be resolved by Lifestyle Caravans in its sole discretion. All LCLC members must be resident in Australia.

A Person wishing to apply for a LCLC membership must complete and sign the application form and hand it in to Lifestyle Caravans.

A LCLC Member may only hold one LCLC.

For the purpose of calculating the value of discount on purchases, prices are subject to a valid LCLC being presented at the time of purchase.

To obtain discount on a transaction, the LCLC must be presented at the register when requested, if your card is not presented we are not able to apply discount.

When a LCLC member obtains a refund or reimbursement for charges previously incurred (for example, for returned goods), the discount applied originally for that purchase will be applied before refund is given.

Lifestyle Caravans will not be responsible for stolen or lost LCLC’s.

All LCLC’s remain the property of Lifestyle Caravans.

Lifestyle Caravans is not responsible for errors resulting from computer hardware or software errors or failure, or for fraud.

Any questions regarding LCLC Program should be referred to the Manager or via email

The promoter of the LCLC is Lifestyle Caravans (ABN: 34 407 077 967), which is also the owner of the scheme. Lifestyle Caravans is located at 104 Eastland Drive, Ulverstone, Tasmania, 7315.

Dispute Resolution

Any alleged discrepancy in relation to the Loyalty Program must be notified in writing by a LCLC member to Lifestyle Caravans, together with a legible copy of any relevant record of purchase (e.g. a tax invoice). Lifestyle Caravans will investigate such discrepancies but reserves the right to be the final arbiter in the event of any dispute. In case of dispute, the decision of Lifestyle Caravans shall be final and binding.

All questions or disputes regarding the eligibility for the Loyalty Program, or any dispute which arises in connection with LCLC Member’s participation in the Loyalty Program, will be resolved by Lifestyle Caravans in its sole discretion.

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